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The website analytics necessary to succeed online. SmarterStats transforms your website logs into useful and targeted information about each aspect of your online presence.

This server software provides rigorous statistics that help you increase conversions and maximize return on investment (ROI).

With detailed reports on the activity of your websites and various SEO tools to evaluate the presence of each website in search engine rankings, this is a complete solution for small and large companies.

The website analytics necessary to succeed online.

Managing an online presence is easy with SmarterStats! Start by analyzing web traffic to understand the popularity of a website or storefront. Then use Site Tuning to analyze that site, making sure that it’s performing efficiently for visitors and search engines. Finally, Data Mining allows site owners to dig deeper into web logs, and website traffic data, to better track and optimize overall business goals.

A full suite of web analytics tools

Web Analytics

Web logs are a treasure trove of information! From information on web server errors to paths and pages taken during search engine visits to data on the views, visits and hits that web pages receive, web log analytics can provide more, and more detailed, information about any website and its visitors.

Site Tuning

The SmarterStats website analyzer can help protect against 20+ common issues that adversely affect the usability of a website. These errors can ruin a user’s experience and hinder search rankings by making it difficult, if not impossible, for Google, Bing and other search engines to crawl a website!

Data Mining

Data mining takes a “deep-dive” into website statistics, and web server logs, to find hidden patterns in data. Recognize patterns of customer behavior and act on those findings, target marketing efforts and increase sales, see the paths visitors take to get to a specific page of a website and more

Start by understanding your web presence

SmarterStats | Hapih Host

Whether on a Windows or Linux machine, SmarterStats provides everything a site owner needs to fully understand what goes on "behind-the-scenes" of their online presence. Don't just analyze data; turn understanding into action!

With true website statistics that reflect actual customer behavior, it's possible to better plan when to begin new marketing campaigns, pinpoint areas of improvement, increase staffing levels to accommodate an increase in seasonal traffic, know where to target advertising and more!

SmarterStats ProfessionalPrice: LeaseOrder
50 Sites₹ 1,050/mo.
250 Sites₹ 2,800/mo.
1,000 Sites₹ 5,250/mo.
2,500 Sites₹ 9,800/mo.
SmarterStats EnterprisePrice: LeaseOrder
 50 Sites₹ 2,800/mo.
250 Sites₹ 5,600/mo.
1,000 Sites₹ 8,750/mo.
2,500 Sites₹ 12,950/mo.
5,000 Sites₹ 17,500/mo.
10,000 Sites₹ 29,050/mo.
20,000 Sites₹ 46,550/mo.
30,000 Sites₹ 58,450/mo.